Reviews of Boston Blackies Restaurants in Chicagoland


The Scene

Hidden away on Grand Avenue just off Michigan, Blackie's has a handsome art deco look that's dark but not oppressive. Make for the booths along the wall--they have their own sconces, and you won't have people bumping into you in Blackie's narrow space. Customized 1950s, B-movie-esque posters line the walls.

The Food

The reason most people come here is the half-pounder, with only a few basic toppings like onions, cheese and bacon if you want them. It's delicious--juicy but not greasy, tender but not falling apart and cooked perfectly to order. Service is efficient and brisk, with an emphasis on getting people out the door. The unpretentious servers won't win any prizes for cordiality, but everything comes to your table fast and correctly.

From Metromix

Burgers at Blackie's weigh in at a half-pound and are accessorized and cooked to order. Sides include onion rings, steak fries and stuffed potato skins. The restaurant itself is a clubby and Art Deco-inspired room with lots of dark wood, old movie posters and a tin ceiling.


American. A long, friendly bar and grill where it feels as if everybody knows your name and hometown favorites are used to good advantage: They're famous for their hefty burgers--just ask any cop. Don't miss the side of Carson's slaw; the only dessert is JR's cheesecake. Deep-fried potato skins overflowing with Cheddar cheese may be superfluous, but who cares? Lunch, dinner.


There may be disagreements as to who's number one, but hamburger aficionados all rank Boston Blackie's burgers in their top three. The half pound monstrosities come cooked to order, made just the way you like them with your choice of toppings, and it's a joy to wash them down with beer served in specially frosted mugs that'll keep your suds cold all the way through.

Boston Blackie's is decorated with lots of dark wood and old movie posters, and the wonderful retro feel is only disrupted a little by neon signs behind the bar.


From Centerstage Chicago

A casual and relatively economical oasis amidst the general atmosphere of overpriced puffery and mediocrity of North Michigan Avenue, Blackie's does not traffic in glossy exteriors or undue pomp, opting instead to concentrate on delivering where it matters: the plate. Dark enough for romance but loud enough for minor ear damage, this is not the place to whisper sweet nothings to your sweetheart. But if she's partial to hamburgers, she won't care what you have to say anyway, because Blackie's half-pounders are among the best in the city. Accompanied by your choice of onion rings, thick steak fries or loaded potato skins, a Blackie's hamburger is unlikely to send you home hungry. And if you think burgers are cruel, the salads are better than most. As if the food isn't enough, the service is attentive and lightning-quick. (Mark Loehrke)